When I photograph my clients and see how satisfied they are when they look at their pictures,  it makes me extremely happy. My aim is to create images that portray the emotion of the moment and that reflect the life of couples, children and families. …

For Alessandra photography is much more than just a job, it is a passion that she inherited from her father who is a photographer himself. Therefore this passion developed from the young age and has become her life style.

To create images that transmit the emotion of the moment and that are able to envoque the personality of the subject is her main aim.
She is always evolving and experimenting with her photography to be able to portray people and their stories, to reach beyond the obvious beauty level and to discover a more personal and intimate one.

She works with emotion at the events and has a special relationship with all her clients, so she can give the best interpretation of the moments that she is honoured to take part in.

A style that is simultaniously simple and sophisticated can capture the right moments, is then followed by hard work of post-production of the images to emphasize the most important moments of the clients’ lives.