Pregnancy and newborn

I was holding my son Amadeo of only 8 days old in my arms and like all newborns he had an incredible expressivity….now when I look at the photos I took, those unique moments are alive again, extraordinary experience that I will remember forever thanks to the images.

To cherish your son and observe all his expressions is a wonderful experience, it is a privilege for mums and dads, with images incredible moments become immortal and timeless.

To take pictures of a newborn requires patience and sensibility, attention to the location and to every detail in order to create a warm athmosphere. In our new studio you can enjoy your newborn photographic session thanks to all the neccessities for the wellness of your newborn. Soft music will follow us through out the session.

A meeting with the parents before is necessary to organise the photographic session that should take place before the baby is 20 days old. The newborn session could be both in our studio or at your home.